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by Admin

Posted on 15 September 2014

Margaret Cochrane of Gympie Regional Realty -

''253'' personal property sales over the last 21 months worth a simply stunning

$77.286 million dollars!

A born and bred local who knows almost everyone but is also well known by a huge following of people. There are few people who have so much heart for so many people and it shows in the unique way she brings sellers and buyers together almost effortlessly at times. Margaret is not a saleperson , she is a great listener , she knows the value of property in her area. She makes the time to help clients make the biggest decision of most people's lives. Margaret does not 'knock off' at 5pm.

She is willing to keep going even after dark if a client needs more time to be sure of their purchase or sale. With a 7 day a week work ethic and an amazing ability to match sellers to buyers Margaret is in constant demand. Her generosity and helpful nature can cost her personally but she has great faith in her community and simply loves to help. Margaret has milked cows all her life, raised 2 boys (and a husband), runs the biggest real estate business in Gympie with 157 personal sales in 2013, directs her own restaurant, cafe and function rooms, does livestock sales and is a marriage celebrant in her spare time. Gympie Regional Realty is a leading real estate agency in the Gympie area thanks to Margaret, husband John, and the professional staff.